Saturday, June 15, 2013

Allyson in Manhattan

Times Square--Allyson with Super heroes

Times Square

M&M Store

With M&M


On Red Stairs

With Dino

Allyson & human brain


In the lobby

 Allyson is tired

With Elmo

 Super Heroes Altar on Times Square

Grandmother is taking Allyson to Manhattan by East River Ferry

Check out Allyson's horse :-)

Approaching Manhattan

Foamy water from the ferry

Passing Isabelle's home

Happy meal at McDonalds

At last at grandmother's home--Rice cake party

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aron!

Dear Aron, Happy 2nd Birthday! I wish you to be healthy and happy, my sweet little son.

Hello, Happy New 2013 and Happy 2nd Birthday, Aron. It was a great pleasure to see all our beloved family and friends. We wish you all the best, happiness, health and lots of luck! Let the joy of the season extend to the year ahead of us!

In this blog I'd like to post Allyson's "How-To book". "How-Tos" are expert books where kids write an introduction, list of necessary materials, sequence of steps, conclusion, and an about author section. The purpose is to teach someone else something they are an expert in.

The rough draft was written by Allyson in school with the help and guidance of Allyson's first grade teacher Ms. Lytton. Over the winter break the kids were asked to finalize their drafts and making them ready for publishing. Here is Allyson's "How-To book". Special thank you to Allyson's dad and grandmother for teaching Allyson how to become an expert in making dolls' jewelry.