Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Grade Science Project - Success Academy - Mealworm Dioramas

For the past couple weeks in science, the scholars of Success Academy have been learning all about mealworms! They have studied anatomy, their environmental preferences, and their life cycle. For this project, scholars should create a diorama featuring both a detailed mealworm and all the appropriate features of an ideal mealworm habitat. The goal of this project is for scholars to showcase their knowledge of mealworm. The directions are as follows: start with shoebox, cover inside with construction paper, attach various components of a mealworm's preferred environment, design and affix your life-like mealworm within the diorama.

Here is what Allyson and Allyson's dad have come up with. Special thank you to Mila and Lida for brainstorming the project with ideas and providing molding clay out of which the mealworm was designed by Allyson and successfully baked by dad.


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